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Are you ready to TRANSFORM using powerful, Universal Energy?

Are you ready to DISCOVER how to Master your Energy?

Are you ready to LEARN TO HEAL yourself and others?


Let me be your SOUL & ENERGY GUIDE and Clear, Restore, Balance, Release and Activate your energy field, awaken your life force and unleash your body’s natural healing ability.

Shift your life from disconnection, frustration and feeling stuck, to a life that serves you and is aligned to your higher self.

Whatever you are experiencing, whether it be, emotional issues, relationship disharmony, money flow problems, lack of direction, health challenges, stagnant business or career transitions…..This is NOT your REAL problem!!!

The REAL problem is that you have an ENERGETIC block or MINDSET issue!

To achieve optimum health and healing, connect to your higher energy source and create unlimited abundance, heartfelt joy, balanced relationships and greater self empowerment:


Keep reading below to discover how I can support you in MASTERING YOUR ENERGY so you can create the life that you want!

Learn to access the full Power of your Soul and Heal like a Master! Experience the freedom, joy and expansion that comes with aligning to your true self and the Healer Within.  Awaken and shift from old, outdated patterns of awareness and move into expanded states of consciousness. Activate your Psychic Abilities, discover how to move energy and transform it and forever shift the way you live your life!

Lucy Hutton

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I feel like a new born baby. No jokes. I feel fresh and I feel like me. As in, I am fully connected to myself. From the lessons I’ve had with this course I’m now able to drop my old patterns and feel powerful and focused to create new ways of living that serve me and what I wish to do in life.

The Sacred 5 Healing Mastery has given me a new found determination and dedication to myself. It has awoken my inner power, giving me the confidence that I can create the life that I would love to live. Also the confidence that I can share my gifts with others and most importantly my biggest takeaway moment would be that I now love myself.

Thank you so much Helen, you’ve seriously helped change my life. I’m so grateful for everything you have taught me and can’t wait to get even deeper with this new life adventure! Let the adventures begin!

Soul Sessions

If you have been looking for quite some time now for a way to overcome the challenges you are going through. Whether you are held back by or emotional issues or maybe you are on a Spiritual Journey of self-discovery or wanting to expand and up level your life. Helen can help you to connect back to your Soul self and help you to create a higher understanding of your life, what blocks and obstacles are in your way and support you in making better choices that are in alignment with your higher self.

Helen is a most Powerful Intuitive Energy Healer who offers remote healing sessions and is an accelerated form of healing.  She awakens the Life Force within you and revives the body’s natural ability to heal, so that you can reclaim your rights to health, happiness and personal freedom.


“I can’t speak highly enough of Helen! My first healing was 6 years ago and since then I have had several healings with Helen, including her Dark and Negative Energy Clearing for my whole family. I was referred by my mum which is how we first met and I just know it was meant to be. The work she does is incredible and I feel so blessed to have met her. Helen has helped me overcome so many obstacles that were really holding me back on my journey and really helped me to understand on a spiritual level so many un-answered questions I had. I felt stuck and lost in my life, suffered anxiety and had a severe flare up of psoriasis which she helped me heal. I now feel extremely light energetically, have more energy and am a much happier person. She has helped me see my worth. I feel I have reconnected with myself again and can now see my life’s purpose which is such a good feeling. She has made such a difference in not only my life but my family’s too and I can’t thank her enough. Helen has helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually which I will be forever grateful for.”

Chantell D. Brisbane, Australia

Intuitive Mentoring

Transform your personal life or up-level your business with a powerful intuitive mentoring session. Discover your next step and take your life from ordinary to extraordinary! An Intuitive Mentoring session is the next step to help you grow into who you are meant to be, reclaim your power and expand your life or business in heart centred and abundant ways. Maybe you have received several healing’s and you are now wanting to work on a particular issue, goal or outcome that you would like to achieve. You feel ready to take action, step out of your comfort zone and manifest your deepest desires. An intuitive mentoring session is the fuel to power you to the next level and turn your desires into reality. Let Helen intuitively guide you in a practical down to earth way as she catapults you to new ideas, inspirations and energetically aligns you to your big visions as you brainstorm together and co-create your desired outcome.

Daily Routine
Elsa Morgan. Melbourne, Australia.

“I want to thank Helen for supporting us on our journey. Wow! I've known Helen for over 5 years. She has helped me throughout my personal journey and now has helped me with my Business which has absolutely exploded in Momentum and we are enjoying much success. I know that through Helen’s guidance and Intuitive Mentoring Sessions, we have been able to become better Leaders in our business and especially better Servant leaders so we can achieve our goal to positively impact the world. Thank you Helen for your love, support, guidance – we cannot ever thank you enough”. xxx


“I recently completed Helen’s 21 day detox and it was simply amazing. I listened to the healings every night and it made me feel so grounded and calm. Helen is an extraordinary healer and a very special person.”

Maree. Brisbane, Qld

Read other success stories and see what people are saying about Helen’s amazing Intuitive Energy Healing’s, Quantum Activation’s, Intuitive Mentoring and Sacred 5 Teachings.


“I can not thank Helen enough for the amazing difference she has made in my life. I came to her, not even really sure of what she could do- with no confidence, stuck in a job I hated and in a relationship going nowhere.
I’ve had so many changes in the few years I’ve been going to her, and I honestly can’t believe how I’ve become the person I am today, living a life I have dreamt of. She helped give me the strength I needed to get to where I am today. I still don’t know quite how she does it, but I never doubt her abilities for a second. She comes very highly recommended from me, but give her a go and see for yourself.”

Tara B, Brisbane Australia.

“Just want to give a huge thank you to a beautiful lady. You’re an inspiration, a fantastic mentor and a awesome healer. My life has changed so much since my very first healing with you. I’m such a different person. To face each fear as they come up and not make excuses but to just do it is so rewarding. I have no doubts that you have seen the beauty in each and every one of us and made us aware constantly of how capable we all are in our own right. I know this is true because we all keep moving forward. This in itself is a testament to the light filled work you do. How beautiful to be part of this group membership and to witness each person grow stronger and stronger as each week passes. From my heart to yours! Blessings!”

Linda. Brisbane

“I keep thinking of you and sending you lots of imaginary hugs and blessings – things are coming together for me in a huge way. Thank you for helping me on my unbelievable journey of Transformation. You’ve helped me see how I can transcend and overcome what family and life’s circumstances have conditioned me into accepting and settling for less.”

Francis, Brisbane.

“The healing session was wonderful! I had a great night of sleep last night and today I feel relaxed and energised. I feel like a new person! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!! I can tell I really needed the healing and the guidance. I am feeling lots more relaxed and centred now and trust that the Universe will help me to make the best decisions.Once again, thank you for shining your light and wisdom to all the people who are seeking to live their lives in awareness. You make this world a better place, I hope to follow your steps one day. All the best and take care too”.

Maria, NSW.