8 November 2017

How To Move Past Your Limitations

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  Helen Fernandez is your #1 Soul & Energy Guide, Master Healer,  Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Quantum Activator and Soul Awakening Specialist. Helen is also the Creator of ‘The Sacred 5- Healing Mastery course’ and delivers powerful Quantum healing’s, clearings, activation’s and regeneration’s, in person, by distance and via webinar. Helen specialises in awakening life force, transforming energy [...]

15 February 2017

7 Ways to CONNECT to your Higher Self

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Are you feeling the energies after last Saturday's Full moon and Eclipse? It has been pretty intense and add into the mix, heatwaves and storms, it makes for a transformative energetic time.  You are being shaken up and torn open to reveal your true self and honour that part of you. This is [...]

1 February 2017

7 Ways to Know You’re Not Connected to Your Higher Self

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I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Can you believe it is the first day of February? Wow, time has certainly flown and what a lot we have all done in such a short time frame, including on the world stage. For a lot of you, there has been some [...]