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Heal and connect to your soul with these powerful energies from my Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery© course!

I hope you enjoy the following video that has been encoded with powerful, healing frequencies from my Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery© course.

Breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth and with each out breath, relax your body. Allow yourself to connect to your heart and smile as you allow these beautiful energies to clear and restore your body, mind and soul.

I hope you enjoyed this powerful healing video.  If you would like to learn more about how to heal and energetically protect yourself and others, I would love for you to join my free masterclass below as I show you some of the tools and techniques based on my Sacred 5 Healing Mastery online course.

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About Helen 

Helen Fernandez is your #1 Soul & Energy Guide, Master Healer,  Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Quantum Activator and Soul Awakening Specialist. Helen is also the Creator of The Sacred 5- Healing Mastery© Course’ and delivers powerful Quantum healing’s, clearings, activation’s and regeneration’s, in person, by distance and via webinar.

Helen specialises in awakening life force, transforming energy and aligning heart centred men & women spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Helen channels through Powerful Quantum Frequencies and Universal Energies to shift energetic blocks, so that you can change your energy and transform your life!


Dr.Kaur M.D

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

Helen, I want to thank you very much for your lovely work with the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery. You are a great teacher who comes from the premise of love and compassion. I have gone though the modules again and enjoyed them very much and I learn something new each time I do. I highly recommend you to many of my patients.

Lenley Bursle

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

Helen is a fabulous teacher who is very down to earth, and really willing to assist you on your journey. The course allows everyone to develop at their own pace and Helen assists where you are at and encourages each persons natural talents. The webinars in the course are brilliant, as you get to connect to others who are doing the course and bounce ideas /experiences around. I would recommend Helen and the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery to anyone interested in healing work either for themselves or to be of service to others.

Vena Banner

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

The course felt so right, from the first module the content is so well presented. It is just so well planned and thought out and easy to understand and follow. I looked forward to each and every day of learning and taking part in the work, It was such a joy. It give's you a solid foundation and framework to build upon, in a safe and supportive environment. Helen is the best support you could ever wish for and such a wonderful mentor . I am SO happy and so grateful and blessed to have gone through this process and journey with her. She is AMAZING!

Petra K.

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I aaaabslolutely love love love the Sacred 5! It's amazing and perfect! I am so grateful, I feel like I am sitting in the same room with you and absorbing all your knowledge , advice and teaching.I feel like this was meant to happen in my life, it makes me happy and feels so right. I can't wait to be a better me!

Lucy Hutton

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I feel like a new born baby. No jokes. I feel fresh and I feel like me. As in, I am fully connected to myself. From the lessons I’ve had with this course I’m now able to drop my old patterns and feel powerful and focused to create new ways of living that serve me and what I wish to do in life.

The Sacred 5 Healing Mastery has given me a new found determination and dedication to myself. It has awoken my inner power, giving me the confidence that I can create the life that I would love to live. Also the confidence that I can share my gifts with others and most importantly my biggest takeaway moment would be that I now love myself.

Thank you so much Helen, you’ve seriously helped change my life. I’m so grateful for everything you have taught me and can’t wait to get even deeper with this new life adventure! Let the adventures begin!

Kristy Reibel

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I started seeing Helen in January 2018 for soul healing sessions. I felt lost, depressed, life felt as if it was a chore, I was anxious and I felt that I had no joy in my life. Since then Helen has helped me in so many ways.
Not only have I had soul healings done by Helen, I have joined her live healing circles, I have completed her Sacred 5 Healing Mastery Course. I am now having personal mentoring sessions with her and I have signed up to do her Elite Healing Mastery course next year.

Thank you to Helen I am now a new person. For the first time in my life I can say that I am happy, I am happy with the road I am travelling down. I have found to love myself, to respect myself, to be proud of the person I am. I no longer walk around with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I feel light, I feel alive. I am more positive and I feel worthy.

I am lucky enough to experience Helen’s soul healings in person and by distance. I recommend both. You do really get the same service. I came away from all my healings feeling more positive, lighter and happier.
The live healing circles rejuvenate me even if I watch the video’s at a later time. It is as if Helen always makes the healing circles just for me as she explains what is happening with the energies at that time, which usually resonates with what I am going through. Each and everyone who joins the healing circle feels this way and everyone walks away with some kind of clarity and free group healing. Trust me, you will feel energy shifts.

I started Helen’s Sacred 5 Healing Mastery Course in February, mainly for myself. I loved the idea of emerging, expanding and evolving into the person I have always wanted to be, the person I am meant to be. Helen’s course is structured in such a user friendly way providing both pdf versions and video’s. I found both techniques helpful and easy to follow. Her voice is like an angel. Helen has the biggest heart, is very passionate about her course, her healing abilities and is considerate to each and every client and their needs. Helen is happy to answer any questions no matter how silly you think that question maybe. She is very patient and understanding. I definitely recommend the VIP package. Helen’s one on one guidance is very worthwhile. You also get access to her other Webinars, S.E.T. to Evolve Programs and other Energy Videos. I use most of Helen’s techniques daily. I have definitely come away from this course transformed in a higher and better frequency.
I no longer fear the unknown.

Helen has answered questions for me of what I have been searching for, for many years.
For the first time in my life I feel like I have a purpose. My life if full of abundance, I have greater joy in my life, higher awareness, a healthier body and I am now doing healings on others.
I am forever grateful for being introduced to Helen Fernandez. She has definitely healed, expanded and awoken me.

Kristy Reibel