21 December 2016

Surviving Xmas with Family & Friends

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Well this is my last newsletter for 2016 and what a year it has been! It is such a pleasure to have 'YOU' here. Thank you for committing your time and energy to receiving, reading and viewing all my communications.  It really means the world to me.  I am so grateful for [...]

14 December 2016

Start Feeling Healthy and Well

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Wow!  What a big week it has been. Are you embracing all of these powerful energies and using them to your advantage?  For so many of us 2016 has been an intense ride.  It has been a lot of hard work which included, inner work, work on our environments and work on [...]

30 November 2016

Open Your Heart to Receive More LOVE

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Well here we are in the last week of November and hasn't this last month been full on?. There have been some fabulous energies to support you in your transformation and in living your dreams. I love the energy this week, because it is saying that anything is possible!  We only have [...]

16 November 2016

Your #1 Secret Power

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What a start to the week with a glorious Super Full Moon. I did a powerful Full Moon Ceremony for all my Platinum members,we connected energetically and started with a candle lighting ceremony for all our recently passed loved ones.  I set intentions for everyone, using fire, air, water and earth.  Then [...]

9 November 2016

5 Ways to Step out of the MATRIX

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November is turning out to be a very interesting month energetically. It is a 'make things happen' kind of month, where anything is possible.  Especially if you are following your heart and soul.  This energy is reminding you to stand in your power and make choices from the heart.  Speak up and [...]