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Take charge of your life and get ready to transform with the combination of powerful Energy Healing and Quantum Healing – it’s time to unleash your true potential!

Welcome!  If you have been looking for quite some time now for a way to overcome the challenges you are going through. Well, you can stop looking; you have found what it is that you seek.

Helen’s energy healing’s are an accelerated form of healing. If you have been on the spiritual path for quite some time, constantly getting copious amounts of healing’s or working on yourself tirelessly with little to no results, and if you feel like it’s not going anywhere and you’re constantly going 2 steps forward and 4 steps back, this is what you have been searching for and this is going to accelerate your path for you!

What you could do in 5 years, you could get done in 6 months. As you can see, this is without a doubt, an accelerated path to success and well-being, and in turn, YOU have to be aware, prepared and ready for it. Energy healing brings up things, giving you clarity, and making you face situations and possibilities head on.

Helen’s specialty is breaking through energetic blocks such as old emotional patterns, old belief systems, and any other energy patterns that no longer serve you. Helen guides and assists you to break through these blocks in a safe and supportive environment.

Make the leap, take the jump – you are now on the path to accelerated healing! To meet the needs of all Helen’s clients, she has created 3 separate sessions at different price points. Regardless of which session you choose, you can be assured that Helen is working for your highest good and connecting to your heart and soul to facilitate the best outcome for you as her client.

Soul Session 1

1 Hour Remote Distance Healing.

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Soul Session 2

1 Hour In Person Healing.

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Soul Session 3

1.5 Hour In Person Healing.

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Soul Healing Session 4

1.5 Hour Distance Healing.

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Helen will commence your Distance Healing Session at your specified booking time.  If you have chosen to speak with Helen, she will phone or Skype you one hour after your healing began.  You will have 30 mins to speak with Helen. Within 12 hrs of your healing, Helen will then email through a short recording of the guidance and messages that came through for you in the healing.