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Success Stories

Read other success stories and see what other people are saying about Helen’s amazing Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions, Intuitive Mentoring Sessions & Sacred 5 – Healing Mastery Course.

Petra K.

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I couldn't resist to let you know after I watched a few videos today and had a closer look, that I aaaabslolutely love love love the Sacred 5! It's amazing and perfect! I am so grateful, I feel like I am sitting in the same room with you and absorbing all your knowledge , advice and teaching.

I had some happy crying and laughter too while watching the video's. I can see the hard work you put into it to prepare a perfect course for us. I'm so so so excited and so happy to be in this process and very lucky having the best teacher and mentor in the world I could imagine and wished for. Thank you Helen very much . I feel like I am remembering and getting all my memories back, it feels so good though.

I feel like this was meant to happen in my life, it makes me happy and feels so right. I can't wait to be a better me!

Lenley Bursle

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I had been looking for a healing course, when a friend suggested I have a look at The Sacred 5 Healing Mastery course. I was impressed with what I saw and enrolled to start. I had a very positive experience with the course. It was set out in such a way that it catered for all learning styles, and the fact that it was online enabled it to be flexible to everyone's different lifestyle commitments.

The course enabled a solid foundation to be laid, so that each person could develop the required skills and then proceed to find their natural talents and expand upon these. Helen was available to answer any question and really assisted you to develop to your highest potential.

The Sacred 5 helped me gain a greater awareness of myself and others, and how to best blend these together when giving a healing so that the best possible outcome can be achieved. My life has changed by being more aware of areas in my life that I wasn't willing to acknowledge, and being open to accept these areas and work on them.

My biggest aha moment was learning that the energy residue from previous lives can have an impact on our current life/or the lives of the people you are doing healings on. Helen is a fabulous teacher who is very down to earth, and really willing to assist you on your journey. The course allows everyone to develop at their own pace and Helen assists where you are at and encourages each persons natural talents. The webinars in the course are brilliant, as you get to connect to others who are doing the course and bounce ideas /experiences around. I would recommend Helen and the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery to anyone interested in healing work either for themselves or to be of service to others.

Elsa Morgan. Melbourne, Australia.

“I want to thank Helen for supporting us on our journey. Wow! I've known Helen for over 5 years. She has helped me throughout my personal journey and now has helped me with my Business which has absolutely exploded in Momentum and we are enjoying much success. I know that through Helen’s guidance and Intuitive Mentoring Sessions, we have been able to become better Leaders in our business and especially better Servant leaders so we can achieve our goal to positively impact the world. Thank you Helen for your love, support, guidance – we cannot ever thank you enough”. xxx

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

Vena Banner, Brisbane, QLD

When I first saw and read about the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery course and what it involved and offered, I automatically just lit up from within. I knew I had to do this , not only for myself but so I could hopefully help others, even if it was on a smaller scale of family and friends and the like. I had to give this a go. And I personally had previous healing from Helen and also received the Soul Awakening reading with Helen and knew how much she had helped me and opened my awareness of self and all around me, it just really felt like the next step in my life and soul's journey that I needed to take and truly invest in myself and follow my hearts callings. That is why I chose to invest in the VIP option, so I could mentor with Helen personally.

The course felt so right, from the first module the content is so well presented. It is just so well planned and thought out and easy to understand and follow. I looked forward to each and every day of learning and taking part in the work, It was such a joy. It give's you a solid foundation and framework to build upon, in a safe and supportive environment. Helen is the best support you could ever wish for and such a wonderful mentor . I am SO happy and so grateful and blessed to have gone through this process and journey with her. She is AMAZING! I easily understood all the content and particularly liked the videos and how clearly I could grasp everything Helen went through. And I loved how you are given the option of having visual, audio or PDF files to work through. I made use of all options at different times, whichever worked best for me at any given time. Everything is so accessible and easy.

What you receive from and through the course and from Helen, is absolutely, without any hesitation 100% value . I would say more than 100% value. I actually feel it has been the best value of not only money spent, but my time and effort and investment to date. Taking part in the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery course has certainly been life changing. I am so much more at ease within myself,clearer headed and more confident. More able to speak up for myself when the occasions present themselves. Not so fearful of change and what might happen next or the unknown. My need to Over-analyze everything has calmed down and I am just so much clearer. I now have so much awareness of the dynamics within my relationships and for others, it has just been incredible. It feels, for the first time, in a really long time, everything just makes such sense and I can truly see things for what they really are. It is a priceless encounter and discovery and is so evident in my life now. I don't feel so much at the mercy of everyone around me , emotionally or energetically, which was another breakthrough. And I also learned from this course it is really oKay to be "sensitive", I just didn't have the tools previously to know how to take back that control and self empowerment and being able to protect myself energetically and emotionally and even mentally. You really don't have to be this person, who feels overwhelmed, tired so much of the time, feeling emotionally drained, the list goes on. You really, truly can change and transform these feelings and mindsets, they are not real! I no longer have to be and live my life at the mercy of these things. I know, because I have that awareness now and am living it. Once you walk and take this path, there is no taking back that awareness. You are changing your life by changing your awareness and expanding your consciousness so much more, and also your soul's frequency. How life transforming is that? I would definitely say amazingly so ????

I feel more like my true self and definitely quite comfortable in who I am now. I feel more whole and in touch with myself and who I truly am . It's magical for me . Another of the best experiences from out of all of this, is finding and really knowing what my soul gifts are and what I have been born to do . That is huge for me and I cannot even express how good it feels . And a bonus too for me from going through the Healing Mastery, was the confirmation of feeling I am here in this life to help others and finding out it is true

The biggest a-ha moment from the Sacred 5 course would be, how much the mind affects your world and what we create in that world. It really is up to us what we create and believe of and about ourselves. We are each responsible for all things in our world, our minds, our bodies, our beliefs, our souls, our energy fields, our everything. We are the creators of our world. And what we choose to do with that, is up to us, we are responsible. Realising this, can bring much freedom, when not living from fear . You really can dream big things and create what you truly desire from your heart. It's okay and possible to do that.

I would like to say to anyone curious or drawn to studying The Sacred 5 Healing Mastery course, take that dive down in to the rabbit hole, and don't just dive, RUN! WALK! SWIM! GLIDE! Whichever feels good for you and you will see what wonderful experiences and the beautiful awakenings and journey that is there awaiting you. It's a journey I will always be thankful for, to Helen and for the Sacred 5 Healing Mastery Course. I'm truly grateful, and I thank you Helen for sharing your gift with us all .

Lucy Hutton

Sacred 5 - Healing Mastery

I feel like a new born baby. No jokes. I feel fresh and I feel like me. As in, I am fully connected to myself. From the lessons I’ve had with this course I’m now able to drop my old patterns and feel powerful and focused to create new ways of living that serve me and what I wish to do in life.

The Sacred 5 Healing Mastery has given me a new found determination and dedication to myself. It has awoken my inner power, giving me the confidence that I can create the life that I would love to live. Also the confidence that I can share my gifts with others and most importantly my biggest takeaway moment would be that I now love myself.

Thank you so much Helen, you’ve seriously helped change my life. I’m so grateful for everything you have taught me and can’t wait to get even deeper with this new life adventure! Let the adventures begin!

Soul Awakening Reading

I have to say……. I just feel like dancing. What a WONDERFUL feeling it is, to be more WHOLLY back in touch with my soul and more centred in myself and my life’s purpose and soul’s gifts and possibilities. Words can’t say how MAGNIFICENT it feels. MAGICAL even.

I always felt it there, my potentially more fully embodied version of self somewhere in the background, just waiting and throwing the odd hint or two at me over the years. There were just a few obstacles hanging around and getting in the way!. ( LOL )

Deciding to approach Helen, and taking that leap and journey through Helen into the depths of my soul, via her SOUL AWAKENING reading, is the BEST decision and investment I have made for myself, in this life and clearly evident to myself what she has indeed done for me. As an individual, who is so, so cautious about the idea of allowing another person to “play” with my energy, so to speak, I cannot speak highly enough of Helen. The kindness and generosity of spirit which Helen so caringly and lovingly gives in aiding you and helping you to truly reconnect and know and realise who you really are at a DEEP soul level and what you yourself have to offer and potentially become and any blocks or other related things preventing you from realising your full potential and really embodying this, it is nothing less than AMAZING!!! She is a true light in the “darkness” . I can without ANY reservations of trust or doubt, completely and wholeheartedly recommend Helen to ANYONE! .

Also, I must mention, how Helen is just so incredibly supportive, through every step of the way. From first contact with her and continuing right through all dealings and contact you have with her. Helen is such a beautiful gift and light to us all. The words “thank you” just don’t cut it.

FEELING and BEING more IN and OF myself is what I have been yearning for, from my heart and soul for so very long and thanks to Helen, it is now my reality here and now in this lifetime, Finally!!! I can honestly say, I am feeling better and stronger within myself with each and every passing day. From my heart and soul to your heart and soul Helen, I offer my sincerest of thanks, Thank you so much.

Vena Banner, Brisbane QLD.

It was a pleasure to do a Soul Awakening Reading with you. It was an investment I did for my personal growth and I am so pleased I did it! Your reading resonated with the core of my being and answered all the questions I have had for many years around my life purpose and mission here on Earth. Now I understand the weirdness, the self-doubt, and the constant need for reassurance. You have given me the tools I needed to take the next step in my spiritual journey. Now I understand why I behave a certain way and what I need to do in order to move forward and really make a difference in this lifetime. I might not know the end destination, but now I am finally able to enjoy the journey knowing my main soul purpose.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a life changing session. My soul knows that. I am doing the affirmations and taking baby steps towards my next goal. Everyday my self-confidence is growing a little bit. And I just know that I have to keep going.

Sending you lots of love and light. It is my hope that many more people do this reading with you and find the same peace I have found.

Connie Lopez. NSW, Australia.

I was very eager to receive a Soul Awakening reading from Helen. She is an extremely talented spiritual practitioner who has helped empower hundreds of people. She has helped create extraordinary changes in others lives, including mine. I knew that her new Soul Awakening readings would help me further in my spiritual evolution and my everyday life. While I already knew a lot about my soul, I wanted to find out more about myself on a deeper level. Helen’s strong intuition and amazing talent makes her Soul Awakening readings one of a kind. I was astonished by the accuracy of her words, and how deeply the information resonated with me.
Listening to her words, I found myself connecting so strongly with my soul, almost as if I was truly embodying it for the first time in my life! Helen helped me reclaim the remnants of my soul I had lost, and gave me an entirely new perspective on the parts I already knew very well. I could barely contain my excitement during the reading – everything  just fit so perfectly! After the reading, I felt almost magical – buzzing with energy and determination, I was so ready to go forward and bring my dreams into reality. Helen helped me reclaim my power as a sovereign being, and I am now doing amazing things. To all those that want to reach the depths of their true self and create the life of their dreams, Helen’s Soul Awakening reading is the number one thing you need!

Catherine Peterson. Brisbane, Australia.

I approached Helen about having a Soul Awakening reading done to help me in discovering more about my personality, and how it affects my life. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the reading – but I was astounded with how accurate it was, and how deeply it connected with me at a soul level. Some parts honestly didn’t surprise me, because deep down I knew the nature of my soul’s personality. This reading helped me immensely in seeing myself from a different perspective, and learning about the aspects of my soul I never knew I had!
One of my favourite parts of the reading was learning about my past lives, and how they are still affecting me to this day. Helen delivers such an amazing, interesting and profound look into your soul, while also making it easy to understand and relevant to your everyday life. After having a Soul Awakening reading done, I am so much more inspired and determined to use my abilities to create an amazing life – and Helen’s reading will make sure that you can. I would highly recommend this reading to anyone who wants to create more in their life and embody their highest expression.

Hamish Collins. Brisbane, Australia.

I invested in a Soul Awakening Reading with Helen and ‘WOW’ what an experience. I connected with Helen right away and I knew this was something I needed to do.  I was feeling a bit stuck and like I needed some direction and guidance.  Helen was able to connect me to my Soul and explain to me what my true gifts and talents are and I really believe this as I can really feel it in my heart. She did so much clearing work behind the scene’s, so this is more than just a reading. After listening to my Soul Awakening Reading, I was so pumped up that I couldn’t get to sleep until 3am.  This is an investment in yourself and you will get so much out of the reading, it is so valuable. This is awesome, I highly recommend Helen and you should definitely check her out for yourself.

Natalia Willis. Brisbane, Australia.

“Having a New Soul Awakening reading done for my daughter by Helen was one of the best investments I have ever made. As a new mum with a 9 Month old baby, you often wonder if what you’re doing for them is enough. In Helen’s reading, I was blown away by the accuracy of her insights, and I could begin to see my daughter’s little personality and quirks in a different light. I am now filled with utter confidence on how to nourish my baby’s soul, and how to set her up on the right path for her bright future. It has given me hope and happiness to now be able to help my daughter learn and grow in the way she needs. Thank you Helen – and to everyone thinking about having this reading done for their child… don’t think… do it!!!”

Chantal Martin. United Kingdom

I want to thank Helen for supporting us on our journey. Wow! I’ve known Helen for over 5 years. She has helped me throughout my personal journey and now has helped me with my Business which has absolutely exploded in Momentum and we are enjoying much success. I know that through Helen’s guidance and also Soul Sessions that we have, we have been able to become better Leaders in our business and especially better Service leaders so we can achieve our goal to positively impact the world. Thank you Helen for your love, support, guidance – we can never thank you enough. xxx

Elsa Morgan. Melbourne, Australia.

“Helen’s Soul Awakening allowed me to learn why I am the way I am, and what I can do to nourish, support and love myself and my soul to further better my life. Everything she said, down to every last little detail, was scarily accurate, and I can’t thank Helen enough for giving me so much valuable information and support. I now have the confidence in myself to chase my passions and embrace who my soul is truly meant to be and what I’m here to do. Thank you Helen for everything. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough!”

T. Dennis Brisbane, Australia

What a journey the Sacred 5 was! It was such a beautiful clearing and exactly what my mind, body and soul was craving. I am so thankful to Helen for offering such a transformative clearing like this and would not put my soul body into any other hands. The continual support I received from Helen during the Sacred 5 helped me release so much energy as well as attachments and has started me on what feels like a new life!
I learnt so much about myself and was able to trust in myself and to realise which thoughts were hindering me and which were helping me progress towards my true and highest self. Helen really is a guardian angel, and we are so lucky to have such a vibrant, caring and happy energy here with us to help pave our paths through these turbulent times. I always felt safe with her healings and she was more than happy to read my huge emails full of questions about the clearings and myself at the end of each day. I would recommend the Sacred 5 to anyone who is feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ or just needs support in the transformative process of forming stronger connections with their true self and intuition! I have a renewed excitement for life and for deepening my connection with myself. I now have a clarity that has aligned me with my life goals and am back on the road to my destiny! Thank you Helen!

Sally Taylor, Brisbane, Australia

Seeing Helen on Tuesday. We all have tried many detoxifications for the body. Well Helen provides cleansing for the soul and our life around us. Looking forward to that feeling of “lightfulness of the shoulders”.

Jessica, Brisbane, Australia

“I can’t speak highly enough of Helen! My first healing was 6 years ago and since then I have had several healings with Helen, including her Dark and Negative Energy Clearing for my whole family. I was referred by my mum which is how we first met and I just know it was meant to be. The work she does is incredible and I feel so blessed to have met her. Helen has helped me overcome so many obstacles that were really holding me back on my journey and really helped me to understand on a spiritual level so many un-answered questions I had. I felt stuck and lost in my life, suffered anxiety and had a severe flare up of psoriasis which she helped me heal. I now feel extremely light energetically, have more energy and am a much happier person. She has helped me see my worth. I feel I have reconnected with myself again and can now see my life’s purpose which is such a good feeling. She has made such a difference in not only my life but my family’s too and I can’t thank her enough. Helen has helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually which I will be forever grateful for.”

Success Stories TestimonialChantell D. Brisbane, Australia

I have been going to see Helen for over 5 years now for both hands on healing and distant healings. Helen has helped change my life. Her unwaivering support, kindness and genuine concern has helped me through some very difficult times in my life and I have come out the other side with a new sense of self and a positive mindset. I could not recommended Helen highly enough.

Maree H. Gracemere, Qld

“I can not thank Helen enough for the amazing difference she has made in life. I came to her, not even really sure of what she could do- with no confidence, stuck in a job I hated and in a relationship going nowhere.
I’ve had so many changes in the few years I’ve been going to her, and I honestly can’t believe how I’ve become the person I am today, living a life I have dreamt of. She helped give me the strength I needed to get to where I am today. I still don’t know quite how she does it, but I never doubt her abilities for a second. She comes very highly recommended from me, but give her a go and see for yourself”.

Success storiesTara, Brisbane, Qld

Hi Helen,
The healing session was wonderful! I had a great night of sleep last night and today I feel relaxed and energised. I feel like a new person! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!! I can tell I really needed the healing and the guidance. I am feeling lots more relaxed and centred now and trust that the Universe will help me to make the best decision. Once again, thank you for shining your light and wisdom to all the people who are seeking to live their lives in awareness. You make this world a better place 🙂 I hope to follow your steps one day. All the best and take care too.
Lots of love.

Maria, NSW

Dear Helen,
Thank you for the lovely healing and for being there so willingly and quickly when I needed you. You worked wonders. Thank you so much for all your amazing help and compassion. I am so grateful for this and for knowing you and the wonderful person you are.

My love and gratitude.

Joan W. Brisbane, Qld

Hello Helen,
From the bottom of my heart thanks heaps for yesterday’s amazing healing session!!!! I normally don’t feel long distance sessions at a physical level, but yesterday I felt it!! I felt my body purging out the old energies and I felt extremely tired all the day, which means your session started working straight away 🙂

My heart resonates with every single word of your message. I am once again full of hope and happy with the auspicious time to come, yay! And although my rational side is still a bit scared I know deep inside I need to be bold and just take the chances life is offering me if they feel right.

I will be taking baby steps toward discovering who I really am and what I truly want. Once again, thanks for shedding light on my path! I am back on track again! You’re an angel.

Much love and blessings for you today and always.

Connie, Newcastle NSW

I’ve been having healing’s from Helen & I can honestly say she saved my life. I have more energy.; My passion & drive has returned. I feel alive again. Due to many years of ongoing stress due to illnesses, accidents & issues within the family, I was literally led by spirit to get Helen’s help.

It was a dream I had that first made me seek out her help. A healing with Helen is so relaxing & the whole time I felt very safe & nurtured. On first meeting her you will be be greeted with a lovely smile, lots of warmth, kindness and an amazing very high vibrational energy that you can both see & feel.

The information that Helen brings through after each healing is so interesting and always very healing in itself. She will give you the tools to change your life. Thank you Helen from the bottom of my heart for the very deep transformation that happened & is still unfolding to this day. You are god’s powerful miracle worker and every day I am grateful to you for helping to unravel my soul’s journey & discovering the ‘real’ me. I would highly recommended you to anyone and always do!

Linda Robson, Brisbane

If you are reading this, then it is probably safe to say that something deep inside you has guided you towards Helen in hopes of gaining some insight and clarity towards making some positive life changes. It is for this very same reason that I connected with Helen. When I first started with Helen I was a lost soul, I had absolutely no idea who I was as a person or where I belonged in life. I was consumed by negative thought patterns and beliefs about myself, relationships and life. The deep seeded belief within me of not being worthy of love (including self-love) had plagued my life for years and as a result I participated in self-destructive behaviours including substance abuse and the repeated sabotaging of any relationships in my life including

I sought acceptance and love from others and thought that I needed a man to feel fulfilled in life. I had no respect for myself. I met a really nice man and after a year of dating I became aware of the beginning of my self- sabotaging behaviours, it was at this point I decided enough was enough and change was needed in order for me to find happiness in life. Eight months ago I began the S.E.T to Evolve program with Helen and looking back I cannot believe how much I have changed.

I am a completely different person and my perspective on life has also changed completely. I have a greater understanding of the way the universe works. I have become a whole being on my own by filling myself up with love and acceptance and realising my self-worth. I no longer need a man in my life to feel loved. I am no longer controlled by fear and anxiety as I am connected to my soul and allow it to guide me. I have moved on from that which no longer serves me and do more of what makes my soul feel fulfilled and joyous. I feel
gratitude for everything in my life and I am especially grateful for the amazing support and guidance I have received from Helen throughout my journey of self discovery!

I feel extremely blessed to have met such a beautiful soul who has helped me change my life. If you are ready and willing to make the change! Helen has the skills, knowledge and tools to assist and guide you towards unlocking your full potential!! I cannot recommend her enough! She truly is an inspiration! For the first time in my life I am awake! I am connected to my soul, higher self, inner child and my guides. I feel gratitude every day. I understand the importance of self-love, being present, experiencing fun and enjoyment, remaining grounded and taking the time to stop and breathe in the beauty of life. I love myself and my life and I have Helen to
thank for that!

Platinum Membership TestimonialSerena, Brisbane.

I use to be that person that always thought the grass was greener on the other side. I focused on everything I was not or didn’t have. That was six months ago, today I am happy and content. I am no longer burdened or held back by my insecurities and past conditioning’s.

My life has changed so much, for the better. There are days when I’ve had to pinch myself in disbelief at how I seem to effortlessly achieve the outcome I want. I believe Helen is an authentic healer with a very real gift to help you change into the person you are meant to be. I am so blessed and thankful she is in my life. I highly recommend you see Helen if you want to be transformed. She is the real deal!!!!!

Fiona, PNG

I keep thinking of you and sending you lots of imaginary hugs and blessings – things are coming together for me in a huge way. Thank you for helping me on my unbelievable journey of Transformation. You’ve helped me see how I can transcend and overcome what family and life’s circumstances have conditioned me into accepting and settling for less.

Thank you xxx

Francis, Brisbane

Helen has a very special gift. I feel completely renewed and energised from my three healing sessions and axial initiation. Helen has the ability to completely focus on YOU! Her healing is full of love, integrity and authenticity.

Both my mind and body feel uncluttered and I noticed after my second healing session that I was sleeping really well. I believe I will now be able to manage toxic situations and people in my life and live truly. There is no looking back.

I can’t stop singing the song by Jimmy Cliff – I can see clearly now the rain is gone….I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind…it’s going to be a bright, bright, bright, sun shining day! Thank you Helen, for connecting me to my higher self and helping me on my way.

Happy days and blessings.

Allison, Brisbane.

Helen, thank you for being you! Without your guidance, love and support, I would not be the person I am today. I now see the future with excitement and joy. Helen, you have such a special gift, which I am extremely grateful you made that choice in life to share your gift with us. How lucky are we! I have read your success stories, and, they have,in one way or another articulated well your generosity, capabilities, sensitiveness and uniqueness. LOL – I hope you are feeling extra special – because you are!

On a personal note, you have seen me through some very dark moments in my life, and with your overwhelming warmth, kindness and extraordinary powerful gift you have, over time, built a stronger and better me. I love the feeling of your healing room. To me, it is a safe haven to heal and grow within. I leave after a session with you, and I am left with, simply, wanting more. I must admit, I am definitely in awe of you and your gift. The question is Helen, would I recommend you for any and/or emotional, mental and physical issues, the answer is simple:


Sarah O’Hare, NSW

I would like to share with others how Helen has helped me change my life in an amazing way over the years, in which I would never have thought possible. When I first met Helen approximately 4 and a half years ago, I didn’t know much of the spiritual world. I was in one of my darkest times of my life – I had low self esteem, lack of confidence, no self worth, or self love. I was always filled with fear and doubt and I thought I wasn’t good enough, therefore I was always seeking love and validation from others. Through the healing’s with Helen, she has helped me to finally connect to myself deep from within and learn to love myself again.

Helen took me on so many amazing journeys through the healing’s, which helped me to feel stronger and more connected to my angels, guides and my inner self. I also attended a mentoring course with Helen called S.E.T to Expand, which also helped me to connect to my higher self. I started to see myself, my life, and how I connect with others in a very different perspective. My life has changed tremendously. Helen is not only a powerful healer and mentor, but more importantly, she is a very kind, loving, and beautiful person because she cares deeply for her clients, and always walks her talk.

I feel so free now, and I don’t need to keep seeking validation from others. I feel love and peace with myself and my life. I see more and more blessings in each situation, even in some difficult times. Thanks to Helen who has helped me so much, not only by connecting me to my inner self, but also, she has helped me to have confidence to follow my passion in having my own business. I am now so happy to be working as a Massage Therapist.

I am now committed to living my life to which I call THE POWER OF 3 – my inner power, the healer, and the higher power. It will be too long to put into words how much Helen has helped me, but I believe anyone who is committed to live their life with the power of 3, one day you will say… AHA! Now I know what she was talking about. So dear Helen, thank you for helping me beyond words can describe. Much love and grateful to you always.

Nopi M, Brisbane, Australia.

I have seen Helen on a regular basis for over a year. I must say my outlook on life and the quality of my life has truly changed for the better. She is my mentor, my sounding board to bring greater clarity and understanding to all aspects of my experiences.

The information that she also brings through is very accurate and comes from the highest place of Love.

I am very grateful to Helen and I have never met anyone who has helped me as much as this wonderful woman.

Sallie Strang, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

I feel honoured to know Helen. She is a remarkable lady with a great sense of humour. She appreciates our uniqueness and honours our spiritual journey. I see Helen on a regular basis ,when spiritual guidance, insight of my future is needed most.

Helen has a special way to guide me ,she can give a true sense that I am supported even in difficult times. Helen has a deep, strong desire to help us to design our own personal journey.. She helps us to unlock the strength we possess in order to fulfill our life’s purpose. Many – many thanks.

Love Nora

Nora, Brisbane, Qld

I have been seeing Helen for some healing’s for a few months. During this period, I was going through a difficult time personally and professionally and it was through the healing’s that I was able to cope with all the changes occurring in my life. Helen is amazing with her work and I would recommend her to anyone needing guidance in their life.

Elsa, Melbourne, VIC

In my healing’s with Helen, I have found her to be gentle, compassionate and caring. She works with integrity, grace and a generosity of spirit that is healing and nurturing in itself.

Helen has performed very advanced, high level healing’s for me that have bought profound benefits on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Her work has helped me to clear blockages to my life path and purpose. A truly gifted healer, who offers her service from love and light.

She is a blessing

Kathy, Brisbane, Qld

Thank you for all your help. I feel strong, healthy and full of positive energy. I will not forget how much you have given me. I hope I can be a help to you one day too.

Maria Cadart, Tasmania

Helen is the real deal. I met Helen a few months ago now and in that time, I have seen her several times. She has helped me open my eyes and to see the possibilities of life. I first saw Helen for energy healing for my mother. This was something we used in Europe. My mother feels no pain in her shoulder and for ages now it is doing very well.

I had also found out that Helen is a psychic and asked for a reading from her. Well, I have seen several clairvoyants, which are considered to be the best of the best, but I can confidently tell you that Helen is unmatched by them in all aspects. I have been searching for someone so versatile and my search is now over. Do I recommend her? No, I highly recommend her.

Monika Falk, Oman

I just received the CD for meditation and a lovely little card which you kindly sent to me. Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I needed!! I really enjoyed the workshop,too. That was fun and full of amazing information in a relaxed atmosphere. Since then, positive affirmations come out of my mouth naturally and I’ve got a feeling that something good’s gonna happen. Thank you so much once again and hope to see you at another wonderful workshop in the near future.

Mana, Japan

I wish to promote Helen’s unique spiritual talents, gifts and services. I have been a client of Helen for sometime now, and I have had the pleasure of receiving many of Helen’s services including healing, Axial Initiation, life direction readings and mentoring in spiritual channeling. I have gained a deep appreciation for Helen as a highly spiritual being and for her commitment towards fulfilling the spiritual work that she is here on earth to deliver.

I am in awe of Helen’s spiritual gifts, and I feel very blessed and grateful that I have been lead to her to receive the help I needed to enable profound change in my life. I feel an amazing sense of freedom and relief from the anxiety and other emotional issues and mental clatter that use to cloud my existence. I now feel happier, more content, at peace, positive and clearer in mind, more curious and excited about my future, and more accepting of life with it’s many trials and tribulations.

On a physical level, I have experienced some relief from symptoms of asthma, which for the last few years had significantly impacted upon my quality of life. On a spiritual level, I have gained insight into my past lives and ancient family ancestry, and I feel strongly connected to my guides as I now communicate with them and loved ones who have past over.

Helen has become someone who I highly regard as a spiritual mentor and healer, and who I respect and admire for her ethical, professional and genuine practice. I believe that it is important that people have the opportunity to become aware of, and receive, the spiritual gifts that Helen has to offer so that more people can experience improved quality of life on all levels as they travel along their personal journey. I highly recommend Helen’s services to anyone seeking improved spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Pauline, North Qld

When I first went to Helen for a healing, I was touched by her genuine concern for me as a person. I enjoyed 45mins of deep relaxation while Helen went to work on balancing and clearing my chakra’s and energy field. The information she brought through to me after the healing was amazing.

Helen has the ability to pinpoint illness in the body and what’s causing it but this isn’t all she can do. Past lives are brought forward and explained concerning the path the soul has travelled and the patterns brought through into this life.

The reasons for having a healing are many but Helen never ceases to amaze me with her ability to deal with any matter that is presented to her. Nothing is impossible for Helen. I highly recommend her to anyone. Prepare to be not only healed but enlightened! I loved every minute of it!

Lindal, Brisbane, Qld

I love the way the universe aligns us with the people we need along our journey. Helen crossed my path through a personal friend’s recommendation (who happened to be a mutual friend of Helen’s – I know right! ) when I was searching for a Reiki Therapist. After a few appointments the connection I felt with Helen was as if I had known her for years.

Her tranquil nature and bright and bubbly presence brings me a sense of calm and the session hasn’t even started yet. When she gets to work her healing hands offer an experience second to none, and I have undertaken a multitude of natural therapies in the last 2 years. A healing session with Helen takes you to a place where I have never been before, complete awareness – eyes, heart, soul all open for exactly what you need without even asking!

After a few sessions it became apparent to me that Helen had a Psychic Intuition, a connection with spirit that I wanted to explore further so I booked my first Reading. Again I was amazed at her accuracy but by now her gentle delivery was expected because that is Helen and that is what sets her apart.

I then learned of the Axial Initiation Session she is qualified to facilitate and decided that this was the “thing” that was going to shift me out of the self destructing rut I had found myself stuck in for the last 18 months. I must admit it was something I had limited knowledge of but Helen answered the many questions I had, which eased my mind (that I might add, does not stop ticking) and she reassured me of the exact process involved and the outcomes I would expect to achieve through having this procedure. Its an extremely individual and unique experience that has brought about changes in me I never thought were possible but because it is so different for us all, the changes come in waves so I am able to work through them at my own pace. I feel the presence of the Axial Initiation at work within me and it brings about a comfortable knowing that I am supported in a way that I never thought possible.

I am still on a journey (as we all are) and am still discovering areas I need to work on, challenges I need to overcome etc. Helen will remain my point of call when things get to the point where there is a fork in the road, or I can’t get off the round about, the lights are stuck on red – you get what I mean……. when I need that someone special to hold my hand till I am strong enough to go it alone again, it will be Helen I turn to – and for that I am forever grateful. I can not recommend Helen, her ability and services highly enough to do her justice. Come discover all that is Helen for yourself to understand what I mean. xxx

Lisa, Brisbane, Qld

I met Helen in June 2013 to help ease my grief from the tragic death of someone close to me. My sessions were regular and I felt positive energy helping me to take away the emotional pain that consumed me.

Almost twelve months later I feel so much stronger,confident and most importantly a better person from having my therapy with Helen. I strongly recommend to anyone who is grieving to have a course of sessions, you’ll be glad you did. Many Thanks for your help, Helen!


Julie Conwell

I love seeing the lady who fixes my energy. She helps me to relax and sleep better. I feel warm and safe and I love the jewels she has in her room. She takes away the bad dreams and makes everything better. She’s like me, she understands me. HELEN, YOU ARE THE BEST in the whole wide world! I love you Helen.

Emily aged 7.