5 Ways to Step out of the MATRIX

November is turning out to be a very interesting month energetically. It is a ‘make things happen’ kind of month, where anything is possible.  Especially if you are following your heart and soul.  This energy is reminding you to stand in your power and make choices from the heart.  Speak up and be heard and be seen as your authentic self.  I love this energy as it is shaking your foundation a little bit, to bring about change and transformation.

Have you seen the butterflies everywhere here in Brisbane?  What an amazing sight it has been. There have been thousands of them that have descended on the city.  Apparently it only happens every 6-8 years and it is a rare phenomenon. So what a perfectly aligned sign for the current energies.  Being a 9 year, we are tying up loose ends, completing tasks and planning for the next 9 year cycle.  What a beautiful symbol to remind us to plant the seeds of our heart and soul and to prepare, clear and make way for the new energy coming through.  Then you will be ready to ‘fly’ in 2017, making huge leaps and bounds.

I certainly feel like I am flying this week as I launched my Sacred 5 – Level 1 Clearing this week and the first clearing will be on Monday 28th – Dec 2nd.  This is a huge achievment and the culmination of all my years of healing work.  It has been a long road to bring it to this stage and I am so looking forward to seeing some of you transform and become the greatest version of yourself.  If you want to check out what it is all about, just click this link to read more.

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback regarding my videos, so many of you have written to me or told me about how much they have helped you or guided you in some way.  It is my absolute pleasure to support you and give back to you in this way.  Please let me know if you have any particular topics you would like me to talk about and I will add them to my list.  I hope you enjoy today’s video, ‘5 Ways to Step out of the Matrix’.  This is going to help you stay connected to your soul and not to get trapped in fear. A very important topic with everything happening in the world right now.

Have a fabulous week!


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