7 Ways to CONNECT to your Higher Self

Are you feeling the energies after last Saturday’s Full moon and Eclipse? It has been pretty intense and add into the mix, heatwaves and storms, it makes for a transformative energetic time.  You are being shaken up and torn open to reveal your true self and honour that part of you.

This is a powerful week were you will find yourself making a stand and if you have been allowing yourself to be a doormat or getting the rough end of the stick, then you will find your inner strength to stand up for yourself and find your voice and speak up for what matters most to you.

What a great time to get your priorities in place and to start listening to your hearts desires.  The energy is feeling free and adventurous and may encourage you to become a bit of a risk taker and make the leap that you have always wanted.

What are you waiting for? This is a wonderful time to just ‘do it’ and take affirmative action.  You are ready to move forward and you have such loving, supportive energies around you.  So put yourself first, have some self care time this week, do something just ‘because’, something that makes you smile or laugh or just soothes the soul.

To follow on from last week, I have a new video ‘7 Ways to know when you are connected to your Higher Self.’ This will be perfect for the energies right now, of following your soul’s passion and purpose.

I hope you all have a beautiful, love filled week,

Love & Soul Blessings

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