7 Ways to Know You’re Not Connected to Your Higher Self

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Can you believe it is the first day of February?

Wow, time has certainly flown and what a lot we have all done in such a short time frame, including on the world stage.

For a lot of you, there has been some trouble processing all these happenings, in your own life and on an earthly scale.  This is a real test as human’s, to see ourselves as the magnificent soul’s that we are.  To not fall into fear, doubt, despondancy.  Or allow yourself to feel small and powerless!

It is time to lend your voice, time, energy and money to the causes close to your heart.  It is time to rise up and connect fully to your soul.  Step into your power and shift your energy to a solution mindset, instead of focusing solely on the problems.

In chinese astrology it is the year of the fire rooster, what a great blessing and reminder of who you really are. Step out of the shadows, get out from behind your computer.  Join together with like minded souls, step up and be the voice of change.  Shine your light and pave the way for those behind you.

Let this week be the start of this movement, rise up, become empowered, spread your love and let us come together as one, it is not the time for separation, but for togetherness!

Here is your video for this week, it will help you to start becoming your true self.  It is ‘7 Ways to Know When You’re NOT Connected to your Higher Self’. My intention is that it brings you some awareness and opens your eyes to what you are creating.

Wishing you all a fabulous, powerful, love filled week!

Love & Soul Blessings

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