Clear Heavy Emotions in less than 2 Minutes

I hope you are having a fabulous week! Ric and I are at Surfers Paradise for our 24th Wedding Anniversary.  It is so beautiful and boy, was it just what we both needed.  We haven’t had a proper break in so long, it is so nice to switch off, have some long walks on the beach and just ground and reconnect back to ourselves.

Well, the Solar Eclipse on the weekend really shook the energies up didn’t it? You may have felt a bit cranky and short tempered or overly emotional.  This energy is so fast paced and opportunities will be coming quick and fast, it can make you feel busy and rushed which can lead to anxiety.

There may be the feeling that you need to break free from the mold and do something different or do things your way.  Can you feel the push and the urgency?  These are powerful, transformative energies, so best to get out of the way and allow new energy to flow to you and please stop and slow down.

As I said before, this is an emotional week and a fantastic period to clear out and process your emotions.  A huge release is coming so this week let your body unwind, listen to your body, your feelings and intuition.  Slow down if you need to, sleep when you feel like it, put your feet up and just surrender to however you are feeling.  Take time for you no matter what and recharge your batteries. Now is the perfect time to stop and reflect and go on an inner journey.  You are now re-setting your life and new beginnings are imminent.

Todays video will help you to navigate your way through this emotional period.  I hope you enjoy ‘How to Clear Heavy Emotions in less than 2 Minutes’.

Wishing you all a relaxing and rejuvenating week,

Love & Soul Blessings

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