How to Deflect Negative Energy

How are you finding the energy this week? 

 It is a bit heavy going isn’t it?  I have been sticking close to home this week, laying low and taking time to relax and integrate all of the energies from November.

It is a wonderful time to surround yourself with loved ones, family and good friends.  Just unwind, talk, read a good book, laugh and play.  You have earned it!  You body has been processing so many new frequencies over the last few weeks, it needs a bit of a rest.

Slow down, stop and reflect on all that you have done outwardly and inwardly.  Have a nice epsom salt bath or a massage.  Work with your body, send it some love and allow it to replenish itself.

You may feel a little bit vunerable and more sensitive then normal.  Don’t forget you have been experiencing many earth shifts as well and your energy field is connected to Mother Earth.  Make sure to drink plenty of water, get lots of fresh air, do some heart breathing and stretch your body.  Think about filling up your cup!

It is the perfect time to meditate and connect to the inner planes.  Have a chat with your guides, allow energy to flow through you, ask your Angels for guidance and assistance.  Go deep and contemplate your life!  Next week is going to bring in another big influx of energy, so recharge and replenish yourself.

Get ready for fast moving energy, spontaneous happenings and opportune moments.  What an awesome end to the month of November! To help you navigate some of these heavy energies, I have recorded a video for you on ‘How to Deflect Negative Energies’.

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