Open Your Heart to Receive More LOVE

Well here we are in the last week of November and hasn’t this last month been full on?.

There have been some fabulous energies to support you in your transformation and in living your dreams.

I love the energy this week, because it is saying that anything is possible!  We only have a few weeks left of 2016 and you want to make every day count, especially with these amazing, supportive energies.  Everything that you are setting in motion now, will be the theme for the coming 9 years.  How awesome is that?

So keep dreaming, planning and using your intuition this week to move yourself a little bit closer to your goals.  Don’t be afraid to change your mind, do something different or walk to the beat of your own drum.  For me personally, I have made some big changes and made some new decisions about the direction of my business and I did this all within the matter of a couple of days. Even though this means changing a lot of things that I have just put into motion.  However,  I am following my guidance and intuition and doing what feels aligned with me. So you will see some small changes rolling out over the coming weeks.  What’s important about this, is I am finally coming out more and more as my ‘true self’ and I am no longer afraid to be who I truly am and anyway, I love change, I absolutely thrive on it!!

So the message in this is to never be afraid to do something new, just be true to you and live from the heart. You want to think differently and make changes, that is evolution. Nothing stays the same, so it is good to keep evolving, transforming and changing and doing what feels right for you, based on who you are now, not who you were last week or last month.

Speaking of the heart, the energy this week is also supporting you in deepening your relationships or moving on from them.  It is time to be honest with yourself again and decide what is serving you and what is taking away from the life you really want to live.  So don’t be shy this week, get out there and shine your light, close those doors to the past and open new doors and step into a brand new, fresh version of yourself.

In today’s video I have created a lovely healing for you to ‘Open your heart and receive more love.’  We could all use a little bit more love, couldn’t we?

Sending hugs your way, have a fabulous week!

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