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Wow!  What a big week it has been.

Are you embracing all of these powerful energies and using them to your advantage?  For so many of us 2016 has been an intense ride.  It has been a lot of hard work which included, inner work, work on our environments and work on our relationships.

It has felt like a bit of a long hard slog!!  But it is the Year of Completion after all and it is all for a wonderful reason and purpose.  You have to let go of and release everything that no longer serves you or adds value to your life.

This final ‘letting go’ is now upon us with the last Super Full Moon of 2016!  This is such a powerful and momentous occasion.  Get ready for change as you feel your strength, power and confidence rising within you.  This energy is intense and it can create some arguments so try to steer clear of any confrontational people or situations.

Get outside or do some exercise to ground your energies.  Dance under the light of the moon tonight.  And don’t forget to set some awesome intentions and sow some seeds for next year.  Decide that 2017 is going to be your best year yet and allow yourself to surrender all of the old thoughts, patterns and beliefs that got you this far.  They will not be required from this point onwards, especially if you wish to create new opportunities and transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

So enjoy these energies and allow everything to flow through you. Don’t hang on to ‘stuff’.  Be gentle with yourself as these energies can bring up lots of aches and pains and digestive issues.  Slow down with the partying, eat healthy whole foods and get plenty of rest.  Today’s video will show you how to get out of the cycle of ignoring your health….getting ‘sick’…..then repairing yourself, rinse and repeat..instead I will show you how to move into wellness!

Have a wonderful week and soak up the gorgeous full moon energies!

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