Surviving Xmas with Family & Friends

Well this is my last newsletter for 2016 and what a year it has been!

It is such a pleasure to have ‘YOU’ here. Thank you for committing your time and energy to receiving, reading and viewing all my communications.  It really means the world to me.  I am so grateful for your energy and presence in my life, you are what makes my work possible. 

I am so happy that you have been a willing participant in the unfolding of your life, path and journey.  By actively participating every day and week on your inner path, you are stepping into your power and sending a very loud message to the Universe, that you are READY!  You are ready for something more, for transformation, for change.  Your actions speak louder then your words sometimes, so look at where you are sending your energies through the actions you are taking or NOT taking.  Send a big, loud message to the Universe through the inspired actions you are taking and step into the highest version of yourself!

The energies are very fast moving at the moment, so make time to slow down when you can and take some time for yourself. This is a very hectic time of the year for many of you.  For others I know that you are feeling down and you are not in the mood for celebrating.  What ever it is for you, please be kind to yourself and look at where you can spread joy and happiness to others. 

Reflect and focus on the blessings in your life and all the things you have to be grateful for this year.  Yes, even in the darkest and hardest of times, there is a blessing, a gift or a message.  It is only when we give ourselves time to relax and go quiet, that we can truly receive the insight and intuition.

At the bottom of this email you will see a beautiful offer that I have created so that I can support you and give you a wonderful start for the new year!  I am re-branding my Platinum membership and I have re-named it ‘The Sanctuary’. Read below to find out all the details.  Last but not least, I have recorded my final video for the year.  Aptly named ‘How to Survive Christmas with Family and Friends”. I hope you find it helpful.

I will be having a relaxing break from the 24th of December, but  I will be taking bookings again from the 3rd of January.  I am so looking forward to continue supporting you on your fabulous life journey.  Sending gratitude and blessings your way. Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and joyous New Year!

Love and Blessings,

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